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Skin Related Word Meaning With Pictures


We have our body and we love it so guys today we will learn Skin Related Word Meaning With Pictures. There are many diseases or issues we have in our bodies but we don’t know their names in Hindi or English that’s why I wrote this post for you.

Here I will teach you some words related to skin care. If you want this post in pdf format, you can download it at the bottom of this post free of cost and access it without the internet on your mobile.

Skin Related Word Meaning – त्वचा से जुड़े शब्द अंग्रेजी और हिंदी में

Hindi Hinglish English Pictures
झाईयां Jhaaiyaan Freckles
झुर्रियाँ Jhurriyaan Wrinkles
मस्सा Massa Wart
तिल Til Mole
दाद Daad Ringworm
खुजली Khujli Itch
मुँहासे Munhaase Acne
फुंसी Funsi Pimple
फोड़ा Foda Boil


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घाव Ghaav Gash
गुमटा Gumta Bruise
घमोरी Ghamori Prickly heat
त्वचा Twacha Skin
त्वचा का डाॅक्टर Twacha ka Doctor Dermatologist
काले घेरे Kaale ghere Dark circles
दाग/धब्बा Daag/Dhabba Blemish
रोंगटे Rongte Goosebumps/
पैदाइशी निशान Paidaishi nishaan Birthmark
रोमकूप Romkoop Pore


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गाल का गड्ढा Gaal ka gaddha Dimple
सिर की खाल Sir ki khal Scalp
फफोला Fafola Blister
खुरंड Khurand Scab
खरोच का निशान Kharoch ka nisaan Scratch
छोटी कील/काली कील Chhoti keel/Kali Keel Blackhead
छोटी कील/सफेद कील Chhoti keel/Safed Keel Whitehead
रूप रंग Roop rang Complexion
गोरा Gora Fair
गेहुँआ Genhua Wheatish


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सांवला Saamvla Swarthy
सफेद त्वचा वाला व्यक्ति Safed twacha wala vyakti Albino
फटे हुए होंठ Phate hue honth Chapped lips
फटे हुए हाथ Phate hue hath Chapped hands
फटी हुई एड़ीयाँ Phati hui aidiyaa Cracked heels
फटी हुई त्वचा Phati hui twacha Chapped skin


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