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Musical Instruments names in Hindi & English With Pictures


Do you know all types of Musical Instruments names in Hindi and English? If not, here is a complete list of it with pictures, images, or photos so that you can easily learn and understand. In this post, we will learn A-Z instruments, tools, or items names Hindi to English.

We listen to songs every day in our home, office, gym, etc. The songs give us a different kind of energy. Music is a very big part of Indian movies that’s why People are selecting music as a career in this century.

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Musical Instruments names in Hindi – संगीत वाध यंत्रों के नाम

Hindi Hinglish English Pictures
शहनाई Shehnai Clarinet
तबला Tabla Tabor
ढोलक Dholak Tom-tom
सीटी Seeti Whistle
डमरू Damru Pellet drum
मसक बाजा Mashak baja Bagpipe
शंख Shankh Conch
बाँसुरी Bansuri Flute
मुँह का बाजा Muh ka baja Mouth organ


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सरंगी Sarangi Violin
ढ़ोल/नगाड़ा Dhol/Nagada Drum
तुरही Turahi Trumpet
वीना Veena Harp
डफली/खंजरी Dafli/Khanjari Tambourine
झांझ/मंजीरा Jhaanjh/Manjira Cymbal
पियानो Piano Piano
गिटार Guitar Guitar
तार Taar Guitar
सितार Sitar Sitar
बैंजो Banjo Banjo
हारमोनियम Harmonium Harmonium
काष्ठतरंग Kaashthtarang Xylophone


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