Birthday Vocabulary IELTS list for kindergarten PDF


Birthday is a very special day for everyone. We celebrate this day with our special ones. So guys in this article/video we will learn the Birthday Vocabulary IELTS list for kindergarten. This is an advanced vocabulary post. After learning this Hindi to English Happy Birthday word meaning you can talk about Birthday in English fluently and confidently without any hesitation.

Birthday Vocabulary IELTS – जन्मदिन से जुड़े शब्द

Hindi Hinglish English Pictures
मोमबत्ती Mombatti Candle
उपहार Uphar Gift
भोंपू Bhopu Horn
गुब्बारा Gubbara Balloon
जन्मदिन कार्ड Janamdin card Birthday card
जन्मदिन केक Janamdin cake Birthday cake
बो टाई Bo tie Bow tie
बिस्कुट Biskut Biscuit
टाॅफी Tofee Candy


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चाॅकलेट Chocolate Chocolate
कुल्फी Kulfi Ice cream
फल Phal Fruit
कंफेट्टी Kanfeti Confetti
पट्टियाँ Pattiyaan Streamer
जोकर Joker Clown
उपहार टैग Uphar tag Gift tag
मक्का की खील Makka ki kheel Popcorn
कपकेक Cupcake Cupcake
चिप्स Chips Chips
सोडा Soda Soda
फलमिश्रित कुल्फी Phalmisrit Kulfi Ice cream sundae


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